The performance was so fun for us. We played "Shadow" and "Gold" with our best mates Jonathan Ulman and Neal Rosenthal as well as our brilliant horn section Tom Zmuda and Noah Conrad. Massive thank you to Guitar Center and Jimmy Kimmel for hooking up this opportunity and being so professional, helpful, and treating us so well. A big thanks to our girl Morgan Milardo for all she does for us as a friend and manager and to the friends, fans, and family who've been with us. See you soon!

Scroll to watch the performances, get the music, and to see the behind the scenes of our trip...


"Shadow" Live on Jimmy Kimmel

Shadow is the second song off our album Telecoast and is a special song for us. Written in phases, it feels like a complete collaboration between all of us, which is probably why it's so much fun to play. Get the track here...


"Gold" Live on Jimmy Kimmel

Gold has been a favorite of ours in the set because Dave will take a jaunt around the stage and we all get to lock in together in a jam at the end. The horns on this version are one of our favorite things.


Our newest Music Video: "Dog of Carnaval"

On the same day our Kimmel performance aired, Belwood Music premiered our video for Dogs of Carnaval made by our friends and go-to wizards, Alex Enman and Matt Watkins.


Bearstronaut in Los Angeles

On our first trip to LA as a group, we had an unbelievable time. Not only was Kimmel an unforgettable day, but we got a chance to link up with a band we've admired for a long time, Bent Knee. They're insanely talented and so kind to let us join their bill and use their gear. That weekend brought a lot of friends and fans out that we don't get to see enough and we're extremely grateful to the Bootleg Theater and Bent Knee for having us. 

Here's some behind the scenes action of the trip and all that went with it...


Music and Merchandise