We are so incredibly honored to announce that we will be playing Jimmy Kimmel Live. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us and continues to support us, this is going to be a big year for all of us. Look out Hollywood, here we come!

“We were so honored to even be named a finalist for Get Out of the Garage and it was completely surreal to find out the judges chose us as the winner,” singer/guitarist Dave Martineau says in a presser. “It was such a pleasure to get to meet and share a bill with the other bands that night. We do not take an opportunity like this for granted knowing there are so many great musicians out there working just as hard and we are grateful to Guitar Center and Converse for giving us such an amazing night and opportunity.”
— Dave Martineau, Bearstronaut

Bearstronaut's winning performance of their song "Passenger Side" at Converse Rubber Tracks Studios in Brooklyn, NY. 5 undiscovered bands perform live for a chance at $25,000 cash, and a slot on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show + more!

New Music Updates & St. Lucia Remix

Hey everyone! It's been a while since we last posted.  We've been super busy with writing and recording. Unfortunately, we can't share any of these new tunes with you just yet - but we are really excited about all of it and can't wait for you to hear it! In the meantime, check out this remix Phil did of a fantastic St. Lucia song.  It's out on their soundcloud today!  

Stay tuned for more new music updates and don't forget we are opening for !!! on Aug. 1st.  Come hang if you are in the Boston area! It's going to be a great show.  Check the tour page for more details.



Here are some  highlights from a fun interview we did with Sound Dessert while at SXSW.  Click the logo below to read the full article!

If Stevie Wonder covered one of our songs on the roof of Kanye’s condo…that be pretty cool. But no one is there to see it…the entire city just hears it.
The one time we watched it, Kim Kardashian announced she was getting a divorce, and our song “No Reunion” immediately started playing. We all did shots.

so much snow.

February has been pretty interesting so far in Boston.  We are in the middle of storm 2 out of 3 that is just dumping snow on us.  We have a video shoot scheduled for this weekend on a rooftop of a Boston building - and of course it's scheduled for the same day as the third storm!  Should be interesting.  We will keep you posted with how that goes!  

In the meantime, check out Snowboarder Magazine online to see a video featuring Loon Moutain & one of our songs!

January in New England was full of snow and freezing temperatures (and a couple spring-like days, of course), but the hardened locals of Loon Mountain have no problem braving a little cold weather to make turns in the fine parks made by Brian Norton and his illustrious crew. Whether it's a perfectly-set down rail or transition built onto a natural boulder feature, Nick Doucette, Johnny O'Connor, Dennis Filteau, Travis Neuenhaus, Jay Minassian, Doug Poole, Scott McCurdy, Dylan Dragotta, and Devon Therrien go wild on all of the features in the LMP during the past month. Enjoy Loon EveryMonth: January and stay tuned for February, because winter keeps getting better at Loon Mountain.