so much snow.

February has been pretty interesting so far in Boston.  We are in the middle of storm 2 out of 3 that is just dumping snow on us.  We have a video shoot scheduled for this weekend on a rooftop of a Boston building - and of course it's scheduled for the same day as the third storm!  Should be interesting.  We will keep you posted with how that goes!  

In the meantime, check out Snowboarder Magazine online to see a video featuring Loon Moutain & one of our songs!

January in New England was full of snow and freezing temperatures (and a couple spring-like days, of course), but the hardened locals of Loon Mountain have no problem braving a little cold weather to make turns in the fine parks made by Brian Norton and his illustrious crew. Whether it's a perfectly-set down rail or transition built onto a natural boulder feature, Nick Doucette, Johnny O'Connor, Dennis Filteau, Travis Neuenhaus, Jay Minassian, Doug Poole, Scott McCurdy, Dylan Dragotta, and Devon Therrien go wild on all of the features in the LMP during the past month. Enjoy Loon EveryMonth: January and stay tuned for February, because winter keeps getting better at Loon Mountain.